Detroit DD and 60 Series Ecm Power Tune

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PDI’s BIG BOSS® ECMs offer tuning that is not available anywhere else in the marketplace. The Heavy Duty Diesel ECM Tuning that we offer in a wide variety of applications is the highest horsepower and efficiency gains in the industry.

PDI is the trucking leader for fuel efficiency and power! With top-of-the-line tuning available for your engine, PDI has what it takes to keep you rolling past the pump and be the first to the top!

Tuning is the simplest and most efficient way to unlock the horsepower and fuel economy that you deserve! Because every truck driver’s situation is different, ECM tuning is available in different stages of horsepower to match your driving style, application, and performance upgrades. ECM tuning is available for CAT, Cummins, and Detroit engines in a wide-variety of years and applications. Go ahead and add a Big Boss Turbo and Manifold to your engine and you can have the most efficient and powerful engine available! Contact your nearest PDI dealer or call 800-511-1231 today and ask our staff about the best combination for you and your truck!

Custom Programmed for 1994-2019 DD13, DD15, DD16, and Series 60 Detroit Engines