PDI Big Boss Intake Manifold for Cummins ISX 03-07

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Available for: 2003 - 2007 Cummins ISX15 Engine

Warranty: 1 Year Limited Mile Warranty

Factory intakes are designed in such a way that restricts the clean air flow to the engine and allow for more exhaust air (EGR) to reach the intake. The Big Boss Intake is made to allow up to 15 percent more clean air into the engine while still mounting in the factory position with the factory hardware. We do this by eliminating the “necked down design” that the factory gives you and replace it with an open design. The manifold will allow for cooler intake air temperatures and an additional 15-20hp. Like all PDI products, they are designed to make more horsepower and create more efficiency so you save money while making the drive more enjoyable.


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Intake Manifold Installation: