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Summary of PDI’s Settlement with EPA Performance Diesel, Inc. (“PDI”) recently settled with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (“EPA”) about certain products that PDI had already voluntarily stopped selling approximately 1.5 years ago in April 2018.

The settlement, which was recently filed with the Utah Federal District Court, resolves EPA’s allegations that PDI’s line of competition-only products did not comply with the federal Clean Air Act. PDI worked for several years to offer competition-only products in a way that would have satisfied EPA’s concerns, but PDI ultimately decided to exit the competition market for the sake of regulatory certainty. This consent decree finalizes the agreement PDI reached with EPA for a compromise solution of their different interpretations of the Clean Air Act.

PDI’s current business and product line, including its Big Boss tuners and manifolds are completely unaffected by this recent settlement with EPA. These products are covered by Executive Orders from the California Resources Board (“CARB”). CARB Executive Orders satisfy both California and EPA emissions compliance requirements for aftermarket parts.

“PDI is in the business of providing our customers with the best quality and highest performing parts available. Settling with EPA eliminates any questions about PDI’s commitment to compliance and allows us to move forward as a premium aftermarket parts manufacturer,” said PDI’s president, Jerad Wittwer.

Mr. Wittwer added, “We made a business decision almost two years ago to exit the competition market rather than wait for EPA to establish standards for the sale of competition products. Although PDI would prefer for EPA to take a consistent position on the Clean Air Act’s competition exemption, we want to avoid any customers feeling concerned about whether the PDI product they are purchasing is 100% compliant with air quality laws. This settlement clears the air and we can all move on.”