CARB Exemption Order Products
only from Performance Diesel Inc.

CAT ECM Tuning
(CARB EO No. D-773-1)
Exhaust Manifold
​(CARB EO No. D-773)

Performance Diesel Inc’s BIG BOSS® Exhaust Manifolds maximize exhaust airflow to reduce turbo lag time and cool exhaust temperatures. PDI manifold ports are extensively analyzed and tested to provide a balanced flow to the turbocharger. Also having received CARB Exemption Orders (CARB EO No. D-773), PDI BIG BOSS® Exhaust Manifolds produce, on average, a 20% air flow increase over a stock manifold, cooling exhaust temperatures by 75-100 degrees. PDI manifolds are a big part in maintaining the best exhaust pressure to boost pressure ratios, which provide potential for increased fuel economy.  Performance Diesel Inc. leads the industry in innovation and technology with several products that have received CARB Executive Orders for legal sale and use in California. 
Performance Diesel Inc. has gone a step ahead in ensuring many of its diesel engine products have received California Air Resources Board (CARB) Exemption Orders. So what does this mean for consumers? PDI has invested signifigant time and resources in research and development and is the only heavy-duty aftermarket product manufacturer with products given Executive Orders from CARB.  PDI’s BIG BOSS® CAT ECM Tuning is considered to bear the highest, thoroughly developed, efficiency and horsepower gains throughout the diesel engine industry and is legal to own and use in the state of California .

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Why Performance Diesel?

  1. PDI’s BIG BOSS® Performance Products will increase your diesel engine mileage, horsepower and torque.  Our R&D Team extensively tests PDI's products in real world conditions, and on our dynomometer to assure you receive maximum performance with the finest quality diesel engine products and services.  All Performance Diesel products are proudly Made in the USA!

  2. PDI's BIG BOSS® Performance products are backed with industry-leading warranties up to 3 years.  Performance Diesel's 10 bay shop, trained technicians, sales team, and staff of 30 employees makes PDI one of the largest, most experienced diesel performance products companies worldwide.